The Brick House is a cooperative of writers, artists, and editors founded in 2020. We operate a variety of publications, and participate in projects that strengthen freedom of information, cultural preservation and the independent press.

The latest expansion of our coop is Flaming Hydra, an innovative newsletter bringing together 60 celebrated writers and artists in a daily adventure for readers.

The Brick House supports libraries through advocacy; in particular, through the ongoing development of our BRIET project, which allows publishers to sell permanent ebooks to libraries.

Our publishing cooperative keeps rights in the hands of our contributing artists, writers and journalists. From publishing, to editing, to our business ethos, to our public appearances, we work to preserve and advance freedom of expression, independence, and egalitarian values around the world.

We promote the value of archiving and cultural preservation on many fronts.

Read our work at Popula, FAQ NYC, Indignity, No Man Is An Island, Olongo Africa, Sludge, and Tasteful Rude.

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