What is The Brick House Cooperative, anyway?

  • THE BRICK HOUSE is a group of writers, editors and artists who formed an ad-free cooperative in the fall of 2020.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is an umbrella sheltering nine publications; we will bring more publishers in as we grow.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE has no owners, no executives, and no investors, just cooperative members holding equal shares.
  • Publishers at THE BRICK HOUSE are bound to standards of conduct regarding accuracy, credit, transparency, fairness, privacy & ethics.
  • The goal of THE BRICK HOUSE is sustainability and editorial excellence, not wealth creation.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is powered by readers.

Who are the Brick House founders?

Members of The Brick House Cooperative
  • AWRY, a brand-new hub for comics with an emphasis on new voices, critiques of power, and stories never before seen in cartoon form 
  • FAQ NYC, a podcast that tries to make sense of the only city in the whole world
  • HMM WEEKLY, featuring culture, commentary, and opinion from veterans of GawkerDeadspin, and the Baltimore City Paper
  • NO MAN IS AN ISLAND, focused on Taiwan and other places Western media have tended to ignore
  • OLONGOAFRICA, a pan-African community of opinion makers 
  • POPULA, the home for humanist, egalitarian perspectives on news and culture 
  • TASTEFUL RUDE, a new site drilling into the intersection of art, literature, celebrity, and politics, eschewing the white cishet male gaze in favor of all others
  • THE SLUDGE REPORT, an unfiltered view of the swampiest politicos behind the week’s headlines 
  • PREACHY, a new home for writing about spirituality, religiosity, and modes of peace and introspection 

What kind of articles are published at The Brick House?

It’s a loose confederation; our real common ground is a belief in press freedom and speech rights, and the need to protect them in a fraught world. But it would be fair to say that all the Brick Houses’s members care about elevating unusual and rarely-heard voices and concerns. We serve a global audience of intelligent readers, interested in history, news, politics, art and culture.

How much does a subscription cost?

It’s currently $75 for membership. Thank you for even asking!! We rely on reader support to keep going.

How do I cancel my subscription or change my donation amount?

Visit Popula and click on the button that hovers in the lower-right hand corner of the site. Click the link that appears at the top of the page to “log in.” Enter your email address. After entering the one-time code that is emailed to you, click “manage subscription” to change the donation amount, update the payment method, or cancel the donation. We’re happy to help with this process, email us (address below).

Can I just send some money?

We would absolutely love that, thank you.

General questions? Pitches? Brickbats? Kind words?
Please email hello@thebrick.house.