What Is This Place?

What is The Brick House Cooperative, anyway?

  • THE BRICK HOUSE is a group of passionate, truthful and committed journalists and artists.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is an umbrella that currently houses nine sister publications. We hope to bring on more publishers as we grow.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE has no owners, no executives, and no investors; only cooperative members holding shares in common; shares can’t be sold or transferred.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is structured like Ohio’s electric cooperatives, which means that each publisher gets an equal share in the organization. No publisher can own more than one share, so no member will have more of a say than any other.
  • Publishers at THE BRICK HOUSE are bound to standards of conduct as a condition of membership, incl. standards for accuracy, credit, transparency w/r/t commercial vs. editorial activity, fairness, privacy & ethics.
  • The goal of THE BRICK HOUSE is sustainability and excellence, not wealth creation.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is ad-free.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is powered by readers like you.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is building a sustainable media ecosystem that works for our readers and not for corporate owners.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is not beholden to Jurassic-era media barons, vulture capitalists, or fickle billionaire patrons.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is starting small, so we can build slowly and carefully, but the door is wide open to bring in more publishers and projects as we grow.
  • THE BRICK HOUSE is so happy you’re here.

General questions? Pitches? Declarations of undying love?
Please email hello@thebrick.house.

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