The KMT Enters the Metaverse…With Chiang Kai-shek NFTs


At a time in which it is debated what should be done with symbols dating from the authoritarian period, the KMT proposes to bring these symbols into the digital age–with a dash of the party’s continual cringeworthy attempts to appeal to young people.

From No Man Is an Island
On January 18, 2022

Boom Times: Moxie and the Future


Moxie Marlinspike is the founder of the encrypted messaging app Signal, and his recent post criticizing web3 is insightful and great, even though it centers largely on this Banksyesque prank he played at the NFT marketplace OpenSea, where he sold a digital artwork that displays as a poop emoji when viewed in a crypto wallet […]

From The Brick House Cooperative
On January 14, 2022

The Art World Was Broken Before NFTs


'It is very seductive shiny material and the viewer looks at this and feels for the moment economically secure.'

From Popula
On March 12, 2021