Weather Review: July 11, 2021

in Hmm Weekly
on July 14, 2021

AT DAWN THE air conditioner was drifting in and out of slumber, its thermostat holding at 70 along with the outside temperature. The dim light then stayed dim all morning through a gray sheet of cloud, while the air grew stuffier. Boiling instant ramen felt like toil in the kitchen. Real sun came in later afternoon, but from the Park there blew a breeze cool and wet enough to have belonged by the harbor. Above 10 stories or so, the buildings had a salty-looking haze around them. The bike lane was filled by a pack of Citi Bikes and food deliveries. The breeze was nowhere to be felt on the avenues, but on the last block back toward the Park, it rose up cooler than before and strong enough to roar in the ears.