Weather Review: New York City, February 13, 2022

in Hmm Weekly
on March 21, 2022

THE CHILDREN’S EXCLAMATIONS about the snow carried through the apartment as soon as they looked out the windows. It had come, as forecast, out of yesterday’s short-sleeves-and-jacket conditions, with the ground still so warm that the pavement stayed dark and wet. But the car tops and the trees were thick with white, intricately clinging among the branches. The flakes shrank and even stopped for a while, but after lunch they were swiriling picturesquely again, as dog turds melted into glossy earth-toned puddles on the sidewalk. The Park was a wall of white, the accumulation in the trees making up for the relatively thin covering on the ground. Chunks of snow blew down and exploded against the concrete, vanishing almost instantly.