Weather Review: New York City, October 10, 2021

in Hmm Weekly
on October 13, 2021

LEAFY BRANCHES SHIFTED and bobbed in all directions under a flat gray morning sky. By lunchtime the gray had yielded a gray rain, falling straight down with a steady patter against the furious twitter of trees full of sparrows. The sparrows darted from branch to branch in the canopy or from one tree to another. A car pulled away from the curb and another car took its place before the dry spot underneath could get wet. After the rain, still-green oak leaves lay on the ground in clusters, attached to their twigs. Droplets beaded in the clover of the Great Hill. Two dozen robins hunted in the grass. Down in the Pool, mallards kept up a ceaseless dabbling. Squirrels chased each other around the treetrunks. Sun shone for a moment on a pink haze of smartweed growing low to the ground, then faded out.

Correction: due to a note-taking error, this Weather Review was wrongly dated October 4; it has been corrected to October 3, but fixing the tweet is such a pain in the ass we’re gonna mark it and move on.