A sand DUNE in South-West Africa’s starkly beautiful namib desert shown July 4, 1981 in Namibia, which covers a fifth of the total area of the territory. The desert, between 80 to 120 kilometers wide, stretches the entire length of the territory’s Atlantic coastline. (AP Photo)

A Month’s-End Associated Press (AP) Photographic Celebration Of: DUNE

in Hmm Weekly
on October 31, 2021

THE PASSING OF Halloween signifies we’re about halfway through fall, but October 31 also means The Brick House’s monthly allotment of Associated Press photos has ended. If we don’t use up those images, they vanish like autumn leaves in a suburban yard fire, and that’s a waste of good Associated Press imagery, as well as The Brick House’s vital operating expenses.

Hmm Weekly has been placed in charge of saving those unused subscription photos from the leaf pile, and in celebration of the season’s Major Motion Picture sensation, we invite you to witness: DUNE.

Mideast Libya – A Libyan rebel fighter monitors the skyline on top of a sand DUNE, near Brega, Libya Wednesday, April 6, 2011. NATO rejected criticism from Libyan rebels over the pace of its military campaign in Libya, saying Wednesday that its airstrikes against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces are increasing every day. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)
A KEEP OFF THE DUNES sign is buried Tuesday morning, Oct. 29, 2012, in Cape May, N.J., after a storm surge from superstorm Sandy pushed the Atlantic Ocean over the beach and into the streets. The storm that made landfall in New Jersey on Monday evening with 80 mph sustained winds killed at least 16 people in seven states, cut power to more than 7.4 million homes and businesses from the Carolinas to Ohio, caused scares at two nuclear power plants and stopped the presidential campaign cold. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)
WWII Germany Destruction – In this photo provided by British Official Photo, the airfield on the island of DUNE, disappearing under a deluge of bombs as aircraft of RAF bomber command attacked this target, April 18, 1945. (AP Photo/British Official Photo)
2008 Stamps – These handout images provided by the U.S. Postal Services shows a sheets of 2008 postage stamp for the Great Lake DUNEs. (AP Photo/USPS)
An aerial view of the sand DUNEs at the Lencois Maranhenses National Park taken from an Air Force helicopter providing relief supplies to flood victims in Maranhao sate, Brazil, Tuesday, May 12, 2009. Flooding has killed 40 and forced nearly 300,000 Brazilians from their homes. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)
Vietnam War – To go with Ryans “Night-Time assault” under a night sky lit by aerial flares, US marines make their way across moonlike sand DUNEs during a night assault south of Danang on March 7, 1970. Some 1200 US and South Korean troops were lifted by helicopter into area in reaction to reports from “very reliable” double agent that area was meeting point for 50-high-level Viet Cong cadre in I corps. Operation turned up only 1 Viet Cong killed, 1 captured. (AP Photo)
U.S. Air Force Pararescueman Alejandro Serrano from the 46th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, and a machine gunner next to him, test fire their weapons in the open desert of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province on Monday Oct. 11, 2010. The helicopter, flown by pilots from the 26th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, flew over the red DUNEs in southern Kandahar province on their way to pick up two Afghan casualties. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)
A patrol of Spahis, famous French Colonial cavalrymen, gallop their mounts down the side of a DUNE in the Egyptian desert, Jan. 3, 1941. These troops are reported to be among the French forces which remained allies to Great Britain after the armistice between France and the Axis powers. (AP Photo)
Actor Joe Pesci watches his shot during the first day of the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament at Bermuda DUNEs golf course in Bermuda Dunes, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)
Frank Sinatra is shown in the role of a prince surrounded by harem girls during festivities at the re-opening of the DUNEs Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev., Sept. 10, 1955. (AP Photo)
Travel Trip Great Sand DUNEs – Alyssa Smith, 19, of Longmont, Colo., sandboards at Great Sand DUNEs National Park and Preserve in Mosca, Colo., Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010. The Oasis shop right outside the park’s main entrance rents boards for around $20 a day so you can slide down the dunes like a snowboarder, although some people choose to ride them like a sled. (AP Photo/Thomas Peipert)
SD Flooding Dakota DUNEs – South Dakota army national guardsmen help sandbag in Dakota DUNEs, S.D., Thursday, June 2, 2011. The southeast South Dakota city is threatened by the rising waters of the Missouri River, and Gov. Dennis Daugaard has urged the 2,500 residents to leave by Thursday night. State officials say significant progress was made on levees, but Gov. Daugaard says residents still should prepare for the worst. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)
Australia Dingo Attack – In this April 1998 file photo, Australian wild Dingo dog is pictured at an Australian Wildlife park. Two dingoes that mauled a 3-year-old girl on an Australian beach Monday, April 25, 2011, have been caught and were to be destroyed, officials said. The girl suffered bites to her legs when the native wild dogs attacked her Monday after she wandered away from her family and into sand DUNEs on Fraser Island in northeastern Queensland state. Environment Department general manager Terry Harper said the two dogs blamed for the attack were trapped Tuesday, April 26, 2011 and would be humanely destroyed. (AP Photo/Russell McPhedran, File)
A lot of poor Egyptians seek cure by burial in the Sahara sand, just next to the Giza pyramids shown in 1985. The treatment lasts 45 days and it costs only 20 US dollars for the all treatment, and can be free for the very poor people. Khamis Abdel Motagally the founder of clinic in middle of the desert, learned from his father, the family is convinced of its scientific basis. Treatment is part of the primitive natural medicine that originated with ancient Egyptians. His impromptu clinic comprises more than a dozen white tents on a DUNE at the back of the great pyramids of Giza West of Cairo, where he, his sister and two other practitioners supervise the treatments. From a distance, the sandy hillside looks like a camp with umbrellas spouting from the sand, close up a visitor finds that beneath the umbrellas are people clutching thick blankets under the desert sun. People bury for 20-30 minutes wrapping themselves in thick blankets so they sweat more. Clothing is removed under the sand. At the end of the treatment they get massages, and hot soup to replace the liquid they lose in the heat. (AP Photo/Ciriani)
Luxury Homes – In this May 15, 2009 file photo, a sand DUNE is planted with beach grasses to prevent erosion next to an oceanfront home in East Hampton, N.Y. Rather than settle for garages of antique cars or a museum’s worth of paintings, billionaires are increasingly willing to pay $100 million for homes that can serve as showcases for their fortunes, according to an analysis issued Thursday, April 30, 2015, by Christie’s International Real Estate. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)
Oman Pollution – Pollution problems have come to Buraimi, Oman, where a vast field of garbage, mostly empty tin cans, extends over the desert DUNEs beside an old fortress, 1972. Buraimi is a large oasis on the border of Saudi Arabia, in Oman. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)
Dust Bowl – R.I. Peters, hat, and his wife and children are shown on their farm in Boise City, Okla., April 24, 1935. Sand DUNEs shift and blow down on the farm which until the drought set in four years ago, produced a heavy harvest of wheat, corn and other crops. Dust storms became almost a daily terror this spring after four years of dry weather. The two children play in the fine sand that has covered all of their farmyard. (AP Photo)
Somalia End of Piracy – In this photo taken Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012, a Somali government soldier walks next to some of the overturned pirate skiffs that litter the DUNEs on the shoreline near the once-bustling pirate den of Hobyo, Somalia. The empty whisky bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs that litter this shoreline are signs that the heyday of Somali piracy may be over – most of the prostitutes are gone, the luxury cars repossessed, and pirates talk more about catching lobsters than seizing cargo ships. (AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh)
Pink Slime Lawsuit – In this March 29, 2012 file photo, the beef product known as pink slime or lean finely textured beef is frozen on a large drum as part of its manufacturing process at the Beef Products Inc.’s plant in South Sioux City, Neb. Beef Products Inc. plans to file a defamation lawsuit in the wake of a publicity storm over a meat product that critics have dubbed “pink slime.” The Dakota DUNEs, S.D.-based company said Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 that it will announce a lawsuit Thursday. A company executive and lawyer refused to name the defendant. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)
DUNE Wars – In this July 22, 2005, file photo, Jenkinson’s Pavilion and the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, N.J., seen in this photo taken while parasailing. The owners of Jenkinson’s Pavilion filed a lawsuit on Dec. 16., 2014, against New Jersey, Point Pleasant Beach and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, claiming that easements required for a protective DUNE project being carried out by the Army Corps would effectively make the privately owned beach publicly owned. The lawsuit seeks a court ruling on exactly what government can do to private property as part of the beach project. (AP Photo/Tim Larsen)
Apollo 15 – A close-up view or “mug shot” of Apollo 15 lunar sample no. 15495 in a nitrogen processing line in the Manned Spacecraft Center’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL) in Houston, Texas in 1971. The rock is classified as a blocky subangular varialitic basalt gabbro. Its dimensions are 12 x 10 x 6.5 centimeters, and its weight is 908.9 grams. The sample was collected on the lunar surface along with a large amount of other lunar material samples by Astronauts David R. Scott, commander, and James B. Irvin, Lunar module pilot. The rock was picked up at EVA Station 4, DUNE Crater, during the second Apollo 15 extravehicular activity (EVA-2). (AP Photo/NASA)

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