QUEEN ELIZABETH BURNING IN HONGKONG – Fireboats spray water in vain on the blazing former Luxury Liner Queen Elizabeth in Hong Kong harbour on Sunday Jan. 9th, 1972. Boat now named seawise university. (AP Photo)

A Month’s-End Associated Press (AP) Photographic Celebration of: QUEEN

in Hmm Weekly
on June 2, 2022

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So! In recognition of the “Platinum Jubilee” of one of the planet’s longest-reigning non-elected rulers, please to enjoy this month’s photographic topic: QUEEN.

QEII Tiaras – Queen Elizabeth II is pictured at Petersberg, in Koenigswinter, near Bonn, Germany, May 19, 1965. She is wearing the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara. It is made up of 15 interlinked diamond circles, and the hanging pearls can be swapped out for diamonds or emeralds. (AP Photo)
BRITAIN KING QUEEN FAMILY – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth poses with her husband, King George VI, and their two daughters, Princess Elizabeth, center, and Princess Margaret, following the King’s coronation, on May 12, 1937. (AP Photo) For use in North America only; AP members and clients are not permitted to archive Press Association images. UK OUT; ARCHIVE OUT
Italy Cortina Bobsled Track – In this Feb. 4, 1956, file photo, a shower of snow and ice from the number two Swiss bobsled sprays over the banked edge of the bumpy Olympic bobsled course of Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, as Max Angst battles for control of the speeding four-man sled. The Cortina track was built in 1923 and the resort known as the “Queen” of the Italian Dolomites was home to bobsledding great Eugenio Monti, who won six Olympic medals between 1956 and 1968. (AP Photo/Jim Pringle, File)
Elizabeth II In Kuwait 1979 – Kuwait’s Defense Minister, dark-spectacled Salem Sabah, explains the stories behind Bedouin dances to the Queen Elizabeth II, currently visiting the state of Kuwait during display on the shore of the Gulf, Feb. 14, 1979 in Kuwait. (AP Photo/Press Association/Ron Bell) 14872 UK OUT; ARCHIVE OUT; For use in North America only; AP members and clients are not permitted to archive Press Association images.
QUEEN MARY IN NEW YORK – With the skyline of lower Manhattan in the background, the grand luxury liner Queen Mary steams along in New York Harbor, accompanied by several small tugboats, in this 1958 photograph. (AP Photo)
Truman’s A Peach – Peach Queen, Annabel Cribb, 18, of Spartanburg, S.C., presents a bushel basket of peaches to President Harry Truman during a visit to the White House in Washington, June 24, 1946. Miss Cribb is the daughter of Troy H. Cribb, president of the South Carolina Peach Growers Association. Man at left is unidentified. (AP Photo/William J. Smith)
Nixon Greets Mardi Gras Queen – President Richard Nixon greets Victoria Edwards, queen of the Louisiana Mardi Gras to be held in Washington, Feb. 8, 1969. She is introduced by her father, Rep. Edwin W. Edwards (D-La.). (AP Photo)
Richard Nixon and Joyce Sandell – Vice President Richard Nixon autographs a ribbon worn by Joyce Sandell, Fort Dodge, Iowa, who served as “Queen of Conservation” at the state plowing matches at Guthrie Center, Iowa, Sept. 17, 1960. Nixon, GOP presidential nominee, spoke at the plowing site. (AP Photo)
Queen Elizabeth II – As Queen Elizabeth II smiles, Vice President Richard Nixon registers surprise over something said during farewells at Union Station in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 20, 1957. The Queen and Prince Philip were heading to New York after a four-day visit in nation’s Capital as guests of President Dwight Eisenhower and Mrs. Eisenhower. Nixon, accompanied by his wife, voiced official goodbyes at the station. President and Mrs. Eisenhower had bid farewell to Queen and Philip at the White House earlier. (AP Photo)
Great Britain London Witchcraft Ritual – Three people who claim to be witches go through a witchcraft ritual at a London Hotel on Jan. 25, 1966, in connection with the motion picture “The Eye of the Devil” which is to include certain authentic witchcraft rites as part of its plot. From left to right are: Alex Sanders, who says he is King of England’s witches; his wife Maxine Morris, 18, who claims to be Queen of the witches of England; and Paul King, who says he is high priest of the witches. Sanders and Maxine married in the first witchcraft wedding ceremony performed in England for over 200 years. (AP Photo)
National Hot Dog Month – As you may already have guessed, July is National Hot Dog month. This King-size hot dog was put on display for photographers at Oak Street Beach in Chicago, July 10, 1959, with seven young bathers taking a whack at it. An eighth youngster is held in reserve by Irene Wasserkort, 19, the National Hot Dog Queen. Miss Wasserkort, is from Frankfurt, Germany, generally credited with being the birthplace of the Frankfurter. (AP Photo/Edward Kitch)
Elizabeth II with Family 1952 – Britains Prince Charles waves a greeting to crowds outside London Railway Station as members of the Royal Family return from a holiday stay at Balmoral, Scotland on Oct. 14, 1952. Little Princess Anne, on the lap of her smiling mother, Queen Elizabeth II appears ready to emulate her brother’s wave although momentarily nonplused by photographers-flashes. Princess Margaret, the Queen‘s sister, completes the royal group. (AP Photo)
Italy Capri Ex-King Farouk and Ex-Queen Narriman – Ex-King Farouk and Ex-Queen Narriman of Egypt attend a fashion show in one of Capri’s exclusive hotels, the Quisisana in Italy on August 12, 1952. (AP Photo)
PRINCESS DIANA QUEEN – Diana, Princess of Wales, left, and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II smile to well-wishers outside Clarence House in London, August 4, 1987. The crowd wanted to wish Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, a happy 87th birthday. (AP Photo/Martin Cleaver)
Queen Nefertaris Temple – This is an exterior view showing the entrance to Queen Nefertari’s Temple of Abu Simbel at its new site on top of Abu Simbel Mountain, Sept. 23, 1968. The Temple, built by King Ramses II, was presented to his wife Queen Nefertari, who dedicated it to the worship of Hat-hor, goddess of dance and music. (AP Photo)
QUEEN WARRIORS 1986 – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, walks where few other visitors are allowed, amongst the famed terracotta warriors, Xian, China, Oct. 16, 1986.(AP Photo/Staff/Bregg).
JUNIOR CHESS CHAMPION FISCHER – Bobby Fischer from Brooklyn, N.Y., who at age 14 is one of the country’s youngest chess tournament players, is about to move his queen during a match at the Manhattan Chess Club, in New York, on June 21, 1957. (AP Photo/Hans von Nolde)
QUEEN OIL FLOW 1975 – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, presses a button to start the flow of oil from the North Sea’s Forties Field into a refinery at Grangemouth, Scotland, Nov. 3, 1975. British Petroleum Chairman Sir Eric Drake stands far left. (AP Photo)
Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Princess Margaret, wearing clothes suited for a day in the country, including rubber-soled shoes, attend horse show at Badminton, Gloucestershire, England on April 26, 1957. The Queen takes pictures with a movie camera while Margaret, holding program and cigarette in long holder, watches the cross-country competition. (AP Photo)
Television show – One contestant at the “Bathing Queen for a Day” television show on May 12, 1950 stood up after master of ceremonies Jack Bailey made a remark about her old fashioned bathing suit, and she started to take it off. She had another one on underneath. Bailey left, also wore several bathing suits which he shucked at various times during the show in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Frank Filan)
Queen Elizabeth II and Emperor Haile Selassie – Ethiopia’s “Lion of Judah,” Emperor Haile Selassie, and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II acknowledge greetings of spectators as the two monarchs arrive at London’s Buckingham palace at the head of a state procession on Oct. 14, 1954. The Queen met the African ruler at Victoria station and they rode side by side to the palace in the gilded royal coach. Emperor Selassie, in Britain for a three-day state visit, last visited London as an exile following Mussolini’s conquest of Ethiopia. (AP Photo)
London Queen Mary With Duke of Windsor – Queen Mary returned to Marlborough House to welcome home her eldest son the Duke of Windsor, who arrived in Britain on Friday, October 5. The Queen and the Duke posed in the grounds of Marlborough House for photographers on Saturday, October 6, 1945. (AP Photo) Keyword Lines: Standing Looking Away Hands In Pockets Confidence
Rockaway Beach – This is an aerial view of Rockaway Beach in the Queens borough of New York City, jammed with people escaping the summer heat as the temperature rose to 97.3 degrees, the highest reading in nearly 2 years, July 21, 1957. (AP Photo)
Music Freddie Mercury – In this July 20, 1986 file photo, Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury performs, in Germany. A previously unheard and unreleased song by Mercury was released Thursday, June 20, 2019. Universal Music announced that the track, “Time Waits for No One,” was originally recorded in 1986 for the concept album of the musical “Time” with musician Dave Clark. A video to accompany the song was also released and includes unseen performance footage of Mercury. It was recorded in April 1986 at London’s Dominion Theatre. (AP Photo/Marco Arndt, File)
Iran Royal Family – Queen Soraya has difficulty in keeping her hat in place in a high wind as she is seen off by the Shah of Persia and her step-daughter Shahnaz at Tehran Airport, on September 27, 1951. The Queen is going to Switzerland to consult a physician. (AP Photo)
Queen Elizabeth II – This is a 1960 photo showing Queen Elizabeth II wearing a tiara. (AP Photo)

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