This is a picture of a Brick, get it?

MR. WRONG: Welcome to The Brick House

in Hmm Weekly
on December 8, 2020

HELLO, THIS IS the Mr. Wrong column. You probably didn’t ask for it, or order it or whatever, so it’s not your fault.

The Mr. Wrong column is a General Interest Column about things that are of interest to the Mr. Wrong column, and it is part of what you get for signing up as a Subscriber of The Brick House and supporting The Brick House and paying your good money for The Brick House, so on behalf of the whole of The Brick House, thank you very much, and you don’t have to read this column, ever, but this is the first one here, in this space, and thank you for reading this far if you did, seriously.

Meanwhile, there are lots of other things to go and read in The Brick House universe, which, in case you were not informed, is a buncha different Web sites all agglomerated into one Cooperative, or Coöperative, even, if you want! You paid for it, and it’s open now! Time to read it!

These are the Web sites (so far) that are in The Brick House Cooperative of Web Sites All for One Super-Reasonable Price:

Look at that! There’s nine different sites already! Some of those other Web sites out there on the Internet ask you to pay for ONE site, no offense, but we got NINE sites! C’mon!

Plus, The Brick House is Good, as opposed to Evil! The plan was to create a spot for all kinds of people from all over the Planet to write things without having to worry about catering to any Advertisers, because there’s no ads, did you notice that, have you looked around? Also the idea of The Brick House is to protect people who want to Publish stuff without worrying about pissing off a kabillionaire who then brutally kabillions them into bankruptcy!

The Brick House is a place to read things by people who Think, and have Ideas about Facts, and there’s News and Comics, it’s crazy! Also there’s the Mr. Wrong column, which might not be your cup of low-calorie alcoholic seltzer water, but that’s OK, because there’s all this other stuff!

Deeper still, and not that you asked, but the Mr. Wrong column is part of Hmm Weekly, which is also a Substack, whatever that means. Hmm Weekly used to be an email newsletter that was part of Hmm Daily, which used to be a Web site. I mean, it still is a Web site, but it’s sleeping, the people (like me) who used to make it hadda go and get Day Jobs, because the whole house of cards that was supposed to make it so that we could spend all our time writing for it fell down, and there were bitcoins and stuff. I never really understood it, but there were people with big brains who did, and they got mad about it, and vowed to make it again, but better, to make a Publishing HOUSE outta BRICK, get it? Did you see the picture of the brick I put at the top of the column? I turned it sideways so that it is evocative of one of those Monoliths everybody is so excited about. It’s not a Monolith, though, what the hell is the matter with people who go out in the unspoiled desert and shove a Monolith into the Earth, and then why do a whole bunch of other people think that they have to go out to that same remote and unsullied desert and look at the stupid Monolith?

Anyway, that’s where Hmm Weekly is, here inside of The Brick House, and the Mr. Wrong Column is inside of that, and it will be clearly marked, and even if you don’t like it I hope you read it. Plus, again: There’s no ads!?! I don’t get it. Thank you.