in Hmm Weekly
on April 16, 2021

WE PRESENT recipes for sandwiches from Salads, Sandwiches and Chafing Dish Recipes, Copyright 1916, by David McKay, Publisher, and now in the public domain for the delectation of all, written by Marion Harris Neil, M.C.A., former Cookery Editor, The Ladies’ Home Journal, author of How to Cook in Casserole Dishes, Candies and Bonbons and How to Make Them, Canning, Preserving and Pickling, and The Something-Different Dish.


1. The Butter for sandwiches can be improved by working it up with whipped cream, the proportion of one cupful of butter to one-half cupful of cream. Mash these together with a wooden spoon, and then add salt and mustard to taste, or a little grated horseradish, chopped parsley, chopped chives, or curry paste or powder.
With such butter as a foundation most appetizing sandwiches can be made of beef, tomato, chicken, game, fish, cheese, or eggs.
2. Scald and dry a small bunch of parsley, strip it from the stalks, chop it very fine or rub it through a sieve. Wash, bone and pound four anchovies. Cream one cupful of butter, add the parsley, anchovies and paprika to taste and pound well together.
3. Rub the yolks of four hard-cooked eggs through a sieve, add five washed and boned anchovies and one-half cupful of butter. Pound well together and use.
4. Chop one-fourth pound of cold, cooked ham, and one-half cupful of butter, the yolks of two hard-cooked eggs and white pepper to taste. Pound together until quite smooth, and color with a few drops of red color.
5. Mix four teaspoonfuls of freshly grated horseradish with two tablespoonfuls of butter and two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice.
6. Cream five tablespoonfuls of butter with two teaspoonfuls each of chopped pickles, capers and olives, two teaspoonfuls each of lemon juice and tarragon vinegar, one-half teaspoonful each of paprika and French mustard and a dash of pepper. Mix well and use.

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