A stop-motion dinosaur ponders an enigmatic pylon in an episode of NBC Saturday morning television’s Land of the Lost, circa 1974.

MR. WRONG: The Sky is Falling

in Hmm Weekly
on December 4, 2020

LOOK, I DON’T mean the sky is falling for real, I mean we’re in Big Trouble and it’s sky-related. Did you see that Observatory thing in Puerto Rico? They already got hosed by that hurricane a coupla years ago, now they’re losing vital interplanetary monitoring infrastructure! The whole fucking thing fell down! This is our fault! We have one less huge way to look at Outer Space! Don’t kid yourself, that’s where the real Enemy will come from, while errbody on Earth is putzing around with those stupid Monoliths!

Did you see those? How could you not? That’s what’s important these days, stupid Art stunts and people meme-goofing on how it’s space aliens. We just broke a thing that helps us look at space aliens! Now a buncha goofballs are driving out to some fucking national park or something to see a piece of metal because it reminds them of the Space Odyssey movie, 2001.

There’s nothing anywhere around that one piece of metal in Utah so people went out there and then guess what, they hadda poop! On the Earth!

Militants then felt compelled to go out there and remove the stupid Art exhibit because they were mad about all the people who went out there to fuck up the scenery.

Go home! Go home and watch TV, that’s where you can learn all about the goddamn Monoliths, the Obelisks, they are PYLONS, from the Saturday morning Science Fiction Television program Land of the Lost. Mystery solved!

Stop screwing up the Earth and Watch The Skies! On TV!