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on January 12, 2021

WE PRESENT A selection of recipes for anachronistic but entirely executable sandwiches, found in Recipes of the Woman’s Club of San Mateo, copyright 1909, by the Woman’s Club of San Mateo, compiled by May Robinson Thomas, Dietitian, now in the public domain via the Internet Archive for the delectation of all.

“Recipes of the Woman’s Club of San Mateo” is the work of the Home Economic Section—Department of Economics—and is commended to all lovers of good things to eat and drink as a labor of love.

Recipes of the Woman’s Club of San Mateo

Four tablespoons caviar, 15 drops of onion juice, and a few drops of lemon juice rubbed to a smooth paste and spread on thin slices of buttered bread.

2 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup grated American cheese
1/ tablespoon of vinegar
Salt, paprika, mustard, and anchovy essence

Cream the butter and cheese together; add vinegar and season well with salt, paprika, mustard, and anchovy essence; spread mixture between thin slices of bread.
Mrs. J.C.

Liver from any fowl will answer for this recipe. Boil the liver until very tender with an onion and a little salt. Place in a chopping bowl with a hard-cooked egg, parsley, grated onion, pepper, salt, and a dash of Worcester, a little lemon juice, paprika and a little melted butter. Chop all very fine, serve on buttered toast cut in fancy shapes. This makes a very nice sandwich paste or can be served as an appetizer.
Mrs. Baskette

Spread thin slices of white bread with mayonnaise, then with nasturtium blossoms, and roll.

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