in Hmm Weekly
on December 24, 2020

WE FURTHER OUR presentation of select sandwich recipes, culled from the Public Domain, with items from What To Eat, copyright 1924, by David V. Bush, author and publisher.

The purpose of this book is to give the average person who has been raised on cooked foods the best, that is to say, the scientific way, to eat from the beginning.
What we eat is a subconscious habit.

Cucumber Cheese Sandwiches
Peel one cucumber, chop fine, add mayonnaise mixed with rich cream. Press into and mix well into cheese. Make into sandwiches of bolted rye bread.

Walnut Sandwiches
Chop fine English walnut meats, enough mayonnaise dressing so the mixture will spread easily. Cut thin slices of whole wheat bread, spread with nut mixture, using a lettuce leaf.

Date Sandwiches
After removing the stones, mash a dozen good sized dates, use lemon juice to moisten, cut slices of nut bread thin, spread with butter and the date filling, cut in lengthwise strips. Serve for luncheon.

Olive Sandwiches
Remove stones from green olives, chop fine and mix with black walnut meats, moisten with mayonnaise dressing, spread on this slices of whole wheat or rye bread, using a spray of parsley or a leaf of lettuce to garnish.

To Make Sandwich Butter
Place butter in pan, heat until soft, but not melted. Beat until of consistency to spread easily.

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