SNACK FOOD DEP’T.: From The Ground Up CAULIFLOWER Stalks (cheddar flavor)

in Hmm Weekly
on December 1, 2020

I BOUGHT A bag of these CAULIFLOWER STALKS at the price club because I always want to enjoy new crunchies, and if it’s healthy somehow, that’s great. I’m willing to roll the dice, like on those boring taro chips I bought once, bleagh.

They’re hung up on calling the snack-tubes “stalks,” because that’s healthier.

This MADE WITH REAL CAULIFLOWER snack is cheese flavored, and when I popped open the bag, there was a nice huff of cheese dust. They look like ziti, which is fun, and is for me, a shape that conveys the promise of a thing that will be good to eat, and cauliflower is healthy! I am all about pretty much anything made with cauliflower, until now, yuck!

The number one ingredient is always a big tell. I mean, what’s the number one ingredient in a bag of potato chips? This time it’s cassava, a starchy tuber. Maybe they should try and make cassava chips?

There is a bad bitter aromatic aftertaste that approaches the power of peanuts or peanut butter in terms of persisting for hours after you eat these things. I was gonna eat another one—another STALK—while I composed this review, but putting this junk in my mouth was such a bad experience for me that I actively DO NOT WANT. It’s not just a bland or boring item, it’s bad-tasting.

I can say that there isn’t anything bad in the ingredients, it’s just that they don’t taste very good in this recipe. I would totally try another product from this company because I like what they’re trying to do, but I cannot recommend this particular snack item.